Enjoy a moment of sweetness…..Allow yourself 1 Minuto.

The minute is a simple genuine biscuit, of the characteristic minute form, thin and long. A cantuccio (biscuit) of enterprising personality, with all the rustic and gentle flavour of the Tuscan cooking.

Minuti Biscotto
Giacomo cut

Hello I am Giacomo Lelli the Manufacturer – Actor of I Minuti

 In the moment in which I create my biscuits I give them a soul and I put something inside of mine. Here is because the Minute is a polyhedric biscuit, fine and alternative. Its ingredients are balanced and I decided not to put butter in it.

…but then why do the people smile always less? And the memory is for everyone? It is love, what do we do for love? 

Taken from “ Tutti Fenomeni” by Giacomo Lelli

Confezioni Minuti Singole
Are you a restaurant?

Don’t waste time!

The Minuti are the fine greedy and fast meals that your clients love so much unfailing, to soak a good glass of Holy Wine (Vin Santo)!

But it is not finished here, astonish your clients with new recipes on the basis of Minuti.


What would you do if you could have 1 minute only for you? Send your moment of sweetness!


Write us a message or more messages that will be inserted in the Minuti to fly in the thoughts of the people all over the world! The best will be inserted in the confections of Minuti!

What are you waiting for? Send us a moment of sweetness!

Do you want to give someone a present?

Don’t waste time!

Choose to make a very sweet present to you or to the people that you love!

The minutes are ideal for a tender break and crisp, to munch alone or in company in every moment of the day.

Give a moment of sweetness!


Order i Minuti!

Give yourself moments of sweetness. Taste them.


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What if you could allow you 1 minute all for you? What makes this very simple biscuit special! How important is it to take possession of one’s own time?

I Minuti they tell us the story of that which was when the things were still made by heart, when we cooked at home, we used handicraft and the simplicity and the passion went arm in arm. The stories, how fascinating the stories are! I Minuti are not manufactured…they go on scene! They follow a script by the teacher, a simple recipe but with secret ingredients: in these biscuits there is the magic of knowing how to enjoy the present moment, the same secret of happiness.

I Minuti are the sons of art and grandnephew of fantasy, they are patrons of a sweet time and spend well. These biscuits have an inspiration inside which they cannot avoid expressing and taking form. A lengthened form and minute, light and crumbly. I Minuti are polyhedric simple and refined, that tell many stories of the Tuscan tradition and inside every packet there is a message that closes art.

Use them for many different recipes. They are clamorous with cheese, excellent with Holy wine (Vin Santo), divine with cream, taste them in tea, in milk, alone or with honey, taste them alone or in company, with who you love, the friends, the family. But don’t forget the most important thing: stop, enjoy the moment, taste it fully and experimentally as you want it. Enjoy the taste, let your senses explode, dream with your eyes open and simply smile. This is a moment of sweetness



Espositore Minuticut