….I was six years old when I came home alone already with the keys of the house. I didn’t want to wait until my mother returned home and so I started to cook without ever stopping: drinking or drowning.

I was six years old when I began to cook, four years old when I put a guitar in my arm for the first time and represented various personages with costumes that my grandmother made for me…..

Hi, I am Giacomo Lelli, the Manufacturer-Actor of I Minuti

Have you read well, Manufacturer-Actor! A word never used to tell a new way of making biscuits, because in me there is something more than a Manufacturer. I do not make biscuits: I create them.

“Manufacturer-Actor”, he who thinks, who invents, and who plays. A type of cook who is an Actor that has united these two essences and who loves the stories; who lives strong, kneads and dreams intense.

When I was in New York looking for job, I held the Minuti tightly between my hands and with a brazen face and Tuscan smile, I was not afraid to knock on the door of the restaurant “I’m Italian Chef, I’m looking for a work”. The owner tasted my Minuti and I was given the Job.

In the moment in which I create my biscuits I give them a soul and I put something inside of mine. Here is because the Minuto is a polyhedric biscuit, fine and alternative. Its ingredients are balanced and I decided not to put butter in it.

Its taste is intense but its form is thin, so thin as the humor that closes its name.


I Minuti – much more than Tuscan Cantucci (biscuits)

The creativity is life, which makes you well. I am well if I create, and you?

I have created the Minuti because I wanted to change, to transform my creativity in something real which lasts a long time… and then one day in my father’s restaurant I began to create and experiment… hour after hour, day after day, month after month…

They are simple biscuits, but all unique, made only with four ingredients, yet the recipe is not so immediate as it seems. Think that at the beginning I could not make them in the way that I was satisfied.

I wanted to succeed in creating a unique Cantuccio (Biscuit), without butter, with the original recipe. I didn’t give up and continued to prove with determination..The result has not made us wait: a poor biscuit was born, simple, crumbly and good. Unexplainable long and fine and for me it was Love.